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Олимпиада British Bulldog 2019-2020 ответы для 3-4 классов

Ответы для 3-4 классов на олимпиаду Британский бульдог — вы можете найти на нашем сайте. Все задания один за одним. Приступим?

-Hi, Frank! are those magazines all for you?
- No, Fashion is for my sister, Dragons is for my brother and this one is mine. It's called Explore. Haven't you seen it before?
- No, where did you get it?
- From the supermarket. They don't sell it at the bookshop near the station.
- What's it about? Music?
- Science, actually. You're more interested in films, I know but I think you'd like it.
- Why?
- Look. It's great for young people because there are hundreds of interesting things to read about.
- There aren't many photos.
- But that doesn't matter. And this week's magazine is amazing.
- Why?
- There's a brilliant poster inside. And next week there'll be a free CD. In the first one there was a pencil case.
- Great! How much is it?
- Um, three pounds fifty, I think.
- Okay, can I look at in the morning break?
- Sure.

Listen the text and answer the questions

1. How many magazines does Frank have?
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four

Which magazine is for his brother? >>>

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